Freedom Asset Management (“Freedom”), the $700m Guernsey and Abu Dhabi based Private Client and Family Office investment manager, is pleased to announce the launch of Opus Ultra Cautious USD Fund in Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”).

Managed by Chief Investment Officer, Simon Fentham-Fletcher, from the firm’s base in ADGM, the Fund is the sister vehicle to the existing Opus Global Growth Fund (FREOGGC:UH) and Opus Cautious Fund (FREOPUS:GU).  Simon is a frequent CNBC contributor on global asset allocation perspectives.

Speaking of the launch, Simon Fentham-Fletcher said, “The Opus Ultra Cautious USD Fund answers the need for many of our investors to set up a safe-haven fund.  The fund will invest 90% of its assets into short dated US Treasuries, providing a high degree of certainty in a world that has become much less certain.”

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