Institutional Fund Distribution

We specialise in the distribution to institutional investors of funds with unique strategies where investors are not traditionally invested. We have particular experience with Emerging and Frontiers markets.
Our team has an extensive network of contacts across Institutions and Family Offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
For further details of our capabilities please contact Sandrine Reynaud.

CIM Dividend Income Fund

SaurenFund Managed by James Morton.

Freedom is the exclusive distributor in Europe for the CIM Dividend Income fund. The fund has an 18 year track record, is managed by the same manager James Morton since inception with a team based in Singapore and Jakarta. They are investing in Asia Pacific ex Japan equities and focussing on delivering 6% dividend yield per year. We believe this could work well for investors looking for regular income as well as those looking at investing in Asia outside the beaten track.


  • Investment objective is total return with over 6% dividend income per year
  • Bottom up, value-based investment approach
  • Reasonable concentration with top 20 typically 65-70%
  • Benchmark index: MSCI Asia Pacific ex Japan equities TR



The fund ranks 5 Star in the Morningstar category Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity Income and received in 2017, 2018 and 2019 two gold medals from Sauren. James Morton was also awarded the Sauren Golden Award for best Emerging Market manager in 2018.




  • ICAV – UCITS V domiciled in Ireland
  • Daily NAV and daily liquidity
  • Offers accumulative and distribution share classes in GBP/USD/EUR

QIC GCC Equity Fund

Fund Managed by Mark Krombas

Freedom was appointed distributor in Europe for the GCC Equity Fund of Qatar’s largest Insurance company QIC. The QIC GCC Equity fund aims to achieve capital gain by investing in listed equities in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the largest exposure being the Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange.


  • Bottom up stock picker with a value bias
  • Overweight to Saudi equities
  • Reasonable concentration with top 10 representing 40-45% of portfolio
  • Benchmark S&P GCC Composite TR



QIC GCC Equity Fund is a 5 star Morningstar fund in the category Africa & Middle East Equity and won the MENA Fund Manager Performance Award for the best 2018 and 2019 performance of a GCC Fund.




  • UCITS IV domiciled in Luxembourg
  • Daily NAV and daily liquidity
  • EUR/USD/GBP/CHF share classes

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