Venture Capital

“Many of the best firms historically in venture capital have been multi-sector.”
Marc Andreessen

Venture Capital:


Freedom has been involved in Venture Capital investment since 2015.


Freedom believes that Venture Capital will, over the coming decade, move from the investment fringes to become a mainstream allocation for all institutions across Europe and the Middle East.  Freedom intends to work with institutions and family offices to facilitate access to leading VC houses and boutique firms.


Since 2020, Freedom has invested over $100m into Venture Capital funds and investments on behalf of its clients with allocations to Tiger Global (US/Global), Target Global (European), Xuaxing (China) and Mubadala (US & European).


In 2022, Freedom launched its VC fund platform, Freedom Luxembourg Alternative Strategies RAIF S.A. and its first fund: Freedom Global Ventures I.  This fund is a curated selection of the “Best of Mubadala VC” delivered in a form that works for EU institutional investors.


For more details on Freedom’s VC capabilities, please contact Adrian Harris.

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