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Freedom offers a range of funds domiciled in Guernsey and ADGM that are providing access to innovative strategies and diversified capital growth investment approaches. We have established those funds to offer our investors the flexibility to chose the risk they are willing to take.

For further details of our capabilities or copy of fact sheet please contact Shawn Welgemoed or Adrian Harris

Freedom has partnered in Abu Dhabi with Abu Dhabi Capital Partners (‘ADCP’). We are pleased that ADCP supported our growth in the region.

Fund advised by Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
Share Class C – USD: AE000A2PTML0
Share Class D – GBP: AE000A3DCLD9
Share Class I – USD: AE000A2PTMM8


  • A core private client fund, for those with a higher risk appetite
  • Fund targets returns of 8%+ p.a. through the investment cycle, with an emphasis on growth in US dollars
  • Global asset allocation drives the largest element of return
  • Diversified investing across liquid assets classes worldwide
  • Benchmark is 65% equities / 35% bonds
  • For professional investors only

Fund managed by Simon Fentham-Fletcher, CIO
Share Class C – USD: GG00BRTNNP46
Share Class A – GBP: GG00BWVFY830
Share Class Somerset – USD: GG00BYX8X659


  • A core private client fund for the cautious investor in US dollars
  • Fund targets returns of 5-10% p.a. through the investment cycle with an emphasis on capital protection
  • Global Asset Allocation drives the largest element of return
  • We identify the best macro investment themes worldwide
  • We diversify across asset classes, regions and sectors
  • For professional investors only



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