Our Approach

Our CIO says “the intersection of art and science is wonder” – which is the place we always aim for.
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We stay focused on long-term gains based on a multi-pronged investment philosophy

Guiding principles we follow:

  • Multi-cycle investing increases returns and reduces volatility risk
  • Multi-asset diversification improves returns
  • Transparency, honesty and commitment breeds investor trust
  • Innovation improves processes and returns

Key features of our investment funds and mandates:

  • Broad diversification
  • Exposure to the core developed markets in Europe, the US and Asia, not in speculative assets
  • A clear, convicted allocation strategy that doesn’t change at the first sign of trouble

Our Key Differentiators


  1. No other agenda: we don’t have external factors to consider outside the best investments decision for our clients.
  2. Ownership: we “eat our own cooking” and have a significant amount of our net liquid assets invested in our own strategies.
  3. Consistent: we are not day traders and instead take a longer-term view, even if that hurts us at times, but we do expect to outperform over the cycle.

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